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Eliphas Levi Baphomet Box

Eliphas Levi Baphomet Box

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Each tiny round Baphomet Box is an assemblage I've created out of wood and clay. I've handpainted and sealed each.

You'll notice in the third photo that each row has a little hand pointing to it and each color's name listed.

[First Row]
Pink, Rose Gold, Orange

[Second Row]
Old Gold, Green Gold

[Third Row]
Hematite, Green, Blue

[Fourth Row]
Purple #1, Purple #2

The outside of each measures approximately 1.5" tall and 2" diameter. The inside of each measures 0.5" deep and 1" diameter. The top half slips on to the bottom half, but it does *not* twist or anything like that so as to secure the contents inside. Wonderful as a gift box as well as displayed on your altar with secrets kept inside.

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Customer Reviews

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Erin P
Beautiful! I love it

Beautiful! I love it

Angela T
The Quaintest of Boxes had the Quaintest o...

The Quaintest of Boxes had the Quaintest of surprises. I wonder if the Seller knew I loved collecting tiny trinkets. She gifted the TINIEST of Bottles. An ADORABLE Vintage Absinthe Bottle. Both items are of the Highest Quality.