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The Key To Hell Medallion

The Key To Hell Medallion

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You already possess your Key to your Kingdom.

I incorporated a great deal of texture and age into my original sculpture of this piece. I took my time carving then molding it clearly. I was going for a look and feel that is Timeless. An unearthed mystery of primitive elegance.

Each of my cold cast iron castings is polished by hand to a satin finish - which really brings out all of the details of the line work - and sealed. Each measures approximately 3.75" long and 3.25" across. You will need to provide your own necklace.

I've done all I can to seal and secure each assemblage pendant. Please treat your Key To Hell as a rather delicate work of Art.

"Cold-Casting" is a term used to describe the process of mixing powder with a resin and applying the mixture into a mold. For this piece, I used real iron powder. For others I use copper, porcelain.. even ground pecan shells. Though much lighter, the finished casting gives the appearance of solid metal. This process is more accessible for a person such as myself who makes a great many varied things.

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Customer Reviews

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Peter B
Love this item so much. Such a beautiful p...

Love this item so much. Such a beautiful piece. Can't wait to order more. Love this seller! Truly unique items.

Mike J
Very satisfied. Most perfect purchase ever...

Very satisfied. Most perfect purchase ever.