About Sara

Sara Josephine Clarke was born in Pineville, Louisiana in the late 70s to parents who were Visual Artists [Painting, Ceramics]. She was playing with clay, painting with acrylics and writing her full name in cursive before she started Kindergarten.

We wouldn't be telling the entire truth if we left all as just that above paragraph. She grew up in a place she'll always perceive as menacing because the first two decades of her life were overwhelmed by the chaos that accompanies being forged by an environment lacking hope, connections and opportunities. Sara has Marfan Syndrome and was legally blind until a series of successful experimental eye surgeries performed by a Cornea Specialist and a Retina Specialist vastly improved her overall quality of life. Those were finished up in her late 20s. She has prescription implants in each eye [though still nearly blind in her right eye] in addition to prescription glasses and various visual aids needed to help her create.

Other than being certified as a Perfumer by The Natural Perfume Academy - Sara is a completely self taught Artist. She began sharing her creations with the world in 2004. She is also a Sculptress, Linocut Printmaker and Painter.

Perfume is Alchemy - Chemistry embracing Psychology. Sara grows and extracts many of the ingredients she incorporates into her Ritual Perfumes.

She sees Art, Love and Magic as attempts to find words for the same things. To really understand each is the foundation of applying What's Possible.

Sara lives in an antique house in Winchester, Kentucky with her Husband Dylan and their three damned fine cats - Special Agent Dale Cooper, Diane and Lucy. She teaches and vends at select events. To keep up with such things, bookmark MoonAndSunEmporium.com and follow her on Facebook/Instagram - @SaraJosephineClarke

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