Private Instruction And Group Classes By Sara

I have had the express pleasure of being asked quite often lately if I teach privately and if so, what are the options for in-person as well as distance learning? How much do I charge for private instruction? I'll address each individually..

Are you available for private lessons?

What skills are you currently available to teach?
1. How to make Natural Incense.
2. How to make Platinum Silicone Molds.

What about Perfumery? When will you be teaching Perfumery?
Possibly this year. 2024 will be my 20th year as a Composer of Perfumes and Incense. Until then, I can teach you how to create handmade, all Natural Incense which is where Perfumery begins.

I live within 30 miles of Winchester, Kentucky. Can you come to my home and/or business and/or agreed upon public place for my lessons?

I live further away. Can my lessons be remote?

How much do you charge for Private Instruction?

Do you teach Group Classes?
Yes, at The Fine Arts Institute at The University of Kentucky - My Spring '23 Class on Sculpting/Platinum Silicone Making/Cold Casting Metal and Porcelain was fully booked. It is next being offered Spring '24.

I am currently writing Group Classes on creating Natural Incense that will be taught in-person at MsNOLA's Crystal Emporium and - later - remotely. All of the tricky to source materials will be mailed out in advance to those who register in The United States and Canada.

If you'd like to be notified of my upcoming Group Classes, e-mail me -

Will you teach a Group Class at my place of business?
Let's talk about it. Send me an e-mail -

How much do you charge for Group Classes?
This varies depending on the subject/setting/materials/etc., but the average is $45 per student/hr. with the minimum of 6 students met.