Custom Work And Wholesale Terms

Most all of my creations are available for wholesale, bulk, custom and - in some cases - private label orders.

I tend to stick to people I know to some degree for such things. I want to shout from the proverbial rooftops about the awesomeness of the people who choose to carry the things I create and mean it.

Since I make everything myself, most all can be made again. And I love custom work, so if there are any existing products you've seen around while deciding what to stock - keep in mind that we can conjure up just about anything.

I no longer have the time for one-off, custom pieces for individuals.

What I'm working toward right now are more and more beautiful Magical components that are made with high-quality ingredients, history shared and everything transparently explained while still having that sense of wonder - if not more wonder as a result of all of that.

People over the years have made solid money selling my creations doing things such as having private showcase parties, stocking their stores, including them in with things they sell when they vend, brainstorming products with me so as to compliment their existing product line.. I've had so much fun with it over the years and look forward to more of the same.

If you are interested in hosting parties showcasing my perfumes - I can offer you a lot of time-tested advice, a wholesale discount on a complete set of tester bottles so that guests can experience my formulations in person and a generous discount for you as the Host/ess taking orders.

If you'd like to carry my creations in your online and/or brick 'n' mortar store - I can offer you a wholesale discount, custom product development and production as well as private label options.

Custom product development takes many forms. I've done everything from design perfumes exclusively for other shops as well as to be used in with projects such as during Avante Garde live performances [filling vintage manual bug sprayers no less!], soaps for limited edition art print runs, incense to accompany book releases.. The commonality is that there was already an idea and what I created added on to that as far as appealing to more of the senses.

Private Label is a great option for your business if you don't want to have to take care of every little aspect involved with offering your own line of perfumes, soap, body care as well as home fragrance products. You want to know all's made with quality ingredients, slap on your own labels and offer it for sale. This of course overlaps a bit with custom product development.

Buying in bulk is great for favors for your events, giveaways and reselling, of course. Again, this can be in custom product development territory and as you can probably tell - that's okay. We like custom. For me, the definition of "bulk" is multiples of one or two different items. Maybe a bunch of guest soaps and/or perfume samples for your AirBnB, wedding reception or Hallowe'en party.

If you are interested in discussing any of these offerings, please send me an e-mail - - I look forward to working with you! - Sara