Black Locust Natural Botanical Perfume

Black Locust flowers only bloom for a very short time. The fragrance of the fresh flowers is incredible - orange blossom and its unbridled aspects, grape candy, clear sweet honey and hay. It is a near-impossible scent to capture. What I was able to here, I will use as the bones for an all natural botanical soliflore perfume. My precious extraction smells as sparklingly green as that end color with many of the top notes that make it what it is. The rest I will build with essential oils based on the chemistry of the plant. As always, I will leave room for dreams and other ghosts.

A soliflore is a single floral aroma, but the key to understanding it in Perfumery is that it is the expression of the Perfumer behind it. So my forthcoming limited edition "Black Locust Flower Soliflore" will be my interpretation of that flower.


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