Linocut Supply List

Last night, I taught another Linocut class at my local library. I love showing others this Fine Art. If you've been to one of my classes, or you're just searching online for a supply list, here's mine..

I'll start with what I use in my classes. I have supplies for 22 people. 

•I draw a variety of original Art my students can use or they can of course work with their own. Use with carbon paper cut to size.

•*I really like Ticonderoga's pencils. I currently have the Noir wood/Holographic wrap. They're lovely to look at and the erasers are much better than most.

•*A pencil sharpener.

•*The Sharpies I use are the finest point that are still felt-tipped. I teach adults of all ages and enough had trouble using fine point Sharpies that are not felt-tipped on the linoleum that I made that switch.


•*Battleship Gray Linoleum.

•Essdee handles plus the #1 and #2 "V" gouges.

•*Pieces of sticky/grippy shelf liner sold by the roll for under your carving area as well as under your inking plate to help keep those from moving.

•Speedball black oil-based ink in a tube.

•*Speedball 1.5" soft rubber brayer.

•*Printer paper for test prints.

•*25" × 37" Natural Awagami Mingeishi paper, torn to size. 

•*Print Frog Glass Barrens. We do 2" × 2" prints, so we use The Tadpole. But I also demonstrate The Studio. I have brochures with discount codes for those who want to invest in this tool. I am not sponsored by Print Frog. I simply love and use their products myself. Owned and tested by Printmakers. Each piece is handmade by a Glassblower here in The United States.

•*Cleaning oil-based ink off your inking plate/brayer/linoleum/etc. - vegetable oil, paper towels, palette knife for any really stubborn stuck on bits.

* = I'd recommend this if you want to start printing at home.

I go with Essdee for my classes because I need many sets. I use different carving tools. My first set of carving tools was by Niji. They're Japanese woodcarving tools. Under $20 and will last you a long time. If you really get into Linocut Printmaking, you'll want tools by Pfeil. You'll want something to keep your tools sharp. I recommend the Sharpal Double-Sided Leather Strop, which comes with green compound. I use Relief Inks by Gamblin as well as Cranfield. 

You can get most everything from Dick Blick, with the exception of the Print Frogs. Ask me for a brochure with that coupon code if you've attended one of my classes. You might have to resort to buying from Amazon for those particular pencils and the Niji carving tools. For a strop and Pfeil tools, Woodcraft.

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