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Hekate Natural Botanical Perfume

Hekate Natural Botanical Perfume

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She's our Guide to The Underworld. The Saffron-Robed. Sweet Necromancy. Secrets. Magical Abundance. Borne of Hekate.

Cypress Leaf, Rhododendrum, aged Nagarmotha, Musk Root Absolute, an especially smoky Vetiver, Tuberose and Zaffran Attars, my Dark Amber Accord, aged Galbanum*, Ambrette Seed*, Kua Myrrh*.

* = an ingredient I extracted myself

Restore The Temple is a cream perfume designed to be worn under HekateNatural Perfumes do not linger on the skin as synthetic fragrances do, but well-moisturized skin helps by giving them something to anchor those beautifully-complex molecules to. Keep all natural perfumes somewhere cool and away from sunlight.

Created by our sister company - The Still Show [which means me/Sara 🤗]

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