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The Perfume Sampler

The Perfume Sampler

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This gift box contains samples of fourteen of my All Natural Botanical Ritual Perfumes! If you'd like more in-depth details about all of these, please see the product listing for each individual perfume. A LOT of you have been waiting for this. Thank you for your patience! 

* = The only way to purchase these samples is via this set.

Eleven Liquid Perfumes in 1mL amber glass bottles. Each is good for several applications:
79 Moons*
☆ ..And Other Apparitions
☆ Barbarian Sex God
☆ Black Locust Soliflore
☆ Hekate
☆ Kyphi
☆ Moldavite*
☆ Mulled Rose
☆ Night Ethereal
☆ Salus
☆ The Water Mirror*

Three Cream Perfumes. Each is enough for 1 to 3 applications, on average:
Boneflower & Coffinwood*
☆ Janus*
☆ Restore The Temple*

Created by our sister company - The Still Show [which means me/Sara 🤗]

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