About Dylan

Dylan Clarke has been a Tarot Reader, Hypnotist and Ceremonial Magician for over 18 years. He has cross-trained in NLP - becoming certified as a Master Practitioner under Fran Burgess and Derek Jackson and training with many of the second generation developers of NLP such as Stephen Gilligan, David Gordon, Judith Delozier, Robert Dilts and Bill O'Hanlon - and Energy Healing under Art Giser.

He is known for combining his skills in these disciplines in both one-on-one and group settings, empowering clients to make the life changes that fit them best.

Dylan holds a Math degree that combines a Bachelor's and a Master's into one course and a Master's degree and PhD in Computer Science from Newcastle University in England. He has worked as both a Research Scientist and a Senior Software Developer. In the former role, his research centered around Cyber-Security. During that time, he published a number of papers, contributed to a leading textbook and presented his research at Cambridge University multiple times.

Dylan is happily married and lives in an Edwardian House in Appalachian Kentucky with his wife Sara and their three cats - Special Agent Dale Cooper, Diane and Lucy - all named after characters from Twin Peaks. When not exploring the realms of Tarot and Magic, he enjoys competition shooting and writing fiction.

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