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Restore The Temple Natural Botanical Cream Perfume

Restore The Temple Natural Botanical Cream Perfume

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Restore The Temple is a cream perfume designed to be worn under Hekate. Natural Perfumes do not linger on the skin as synthetic fragrances do, but well-moisturized skin helps by giving them something to anchor those beautifully-complex molecules to. Keep all natural perfumes somewhere cool and away from sunlight.

Heliotrope, Narcissus and Oud Attars and Choya Loban in a base of Jasmine Sambac Floral Wax and Moringa Oil.

Created by our sister company - The Still Show [which means me/Sara 😉]

.80g in flip top ring. This ring is not adjustable. Size 6.

Also available, another most befitting wearable curiosity for your cream perfume. The front of the brass book is adorned with a mischievous horned creature, sculpted by me/Sara. Each is a bit different. A unique work of Art.

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